Brown Patched Classic Tabby & White
DOB: 12-26-12
Sire: GC, BW, NW Nascat Cruise 'N
Dam: GC Kelimcoons All Wound Up of Nascat
Breeder: Donna Hinton

Great Lakes Region 14th Best Kitten
8th Best Maine Coon Kitten Nationally
Best of Color Nationally
2013-2014 show season

Trinity is a brown patch tabby with white. Trinity has a wonderful muzzle, chin and profile. She has a long rectangular body with nice red coloring through out her body. She also has a nice long bushy tail and great lynx tips. She has a very relaxed personality and carries herself like a princess. I would like to thank Linda Murphy for giving us the opportunity to obtain this beautiful girl. I also would like to thank Donna Hinton for giving me the opportunity to show and to breed Trinity.

Brown Classic Tabby & White
DOB: 9-15-10
Sire: GC, RW Paleeni's Cory

Dam: CH Flitten Abbynormal of Mayn Dezyn
Belle will be the newest addition to our breeding program. She is a warm brown classic tabby with white. Belle has long lynx tips and great ears, profile and a great pattern. She has a great personality, especially playing with toys, thanks Cory.
Thank you Cory, Coleen and Paul for this wonderful girl!

Brown Patched Classic Tabby & White
DOB: 3-2-10
Sire:  GC, RW Rickoons Rockford of Angtini
Dam:  GC Maine Lvrs Maya of Mayn Dezyn


Kate is a flashy brown patch tabby and white.  She has a square muzzle, nice profile, nice boning and a wonderful, curious personality. With Kate added to our breeding program, she will be able to produce reds, browns, brown patch tabby kittens, with or without white.

Thank you, Maya, for this wonderful girl!
Thank you Harley and most of all Linda for giving us the opportunity to have this beautiful girl.

Brown Classic Tabby
DOB:  5-31-09
Sire:  GC, RW Flitten's Gryphon
Dam:  Sharmani's Liberty of Flitten
Breeder:  Kim Paine

Abby is a gentle lady all around. She has such a loving personality and loves any & all attention. Abby has a great muzzle, strong chin and beautiful ears, along with her wonderful pattern, coat & personality, will give us really great kittens.

Thank you Kim for such a great girl to add to our breeding program.

Brown Patched Classic Tabby & White
DOB:  10-19-07
Sire:  CH Avicats Mattia Pascal of Angtini
Dam:  CH Hobbiecat Bobbi Girl of Maine Lvrs
Breeder:  Michelle Chaffee

Maya introduced us into the wonderful world of Maine Coons. Maya runs the household, including us. Even though she almost 3 yrs old, she plays as hard as her kittens. Maya has inherited her fathers begging habits and will start begging in hopes for treats. With her great muzzle & ears she has produced wonderful kittens.

Thank you Michelle for this outstanding girl!




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